The New Home of STASA

STASA has been setup by key players in the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) industry in response to the current challenges in the Renewable Energy (RE) market in South Africa and to boost solar development across Southern Africa.

STASA’s mandate is to achieve the following:

  • Fair representation of all CSP industry players in Southern Africa;
  • The advancement of CSP technology and its inclusion into the generation mix in South Africa (Integration Resource Plan [IRP]);
  • Lobbying of key shareholders to ensure the benefits of CSP projects are realised in Southern Africa;
  • Engagement with other associations including SAREC to build a powerful voice for the industry, and the wider community;
  • To ensure the sustainability of the CSP industry in the RE development landscape;
  • Ensure outstanding PPA’s are signed and bid projects announced.

To find out more about becoming a member of STASA please contact Esta Lissimore or Alicia Govender:

Alicia Govender
Administrative Officer
Office: +27 11 582 6880
Email: Alicia.Govender@SolarReserve.com

Esta Lissimore
Administrative Officer
Office: +27 11 582 6880
Email: Esta.Lissimore@SolarReserve.com